Extintor automatico Firekill 12 kg

Extintor automatico Firekill 12 kg
Extintor automatico Firekill 12 kg Para Barcos y Veleros en Tienda Náutica Online Oceanics.
Extintor automatico Firekill 12 kg, Extintor nautico automatico homologado para instalaciones en sala de maquinas sobre motores intraborda. Dispone de sensor de calor que se activa a los 93 grados de temperatura y tambien un activador manual, El extintor tiene dos salidas con dos tubos para aplicación en todo el motor, Firekill, for inboard motor boats. Provided with a pressurized tank with powder ABC, Rina approved, ISO 9094. It is an automatic equipment, manually remote controlled, thermosensitive, automatically operating at 93Dia.: C. The valve has no. 2 outlets of 3/8Dia.:connected with copper tubes, with a maximum of no. 4 nozzles that deliver the extinguishing jet with precision in the right point where needed. Mounting without thread, extremely quick and easy. The equipment is provided with : Tank marked CE PED 97/23 Dia.: Automatic valve 2 ways of 3/8Dia.: Dia.: 5 m. copper tube dia 10x1 mm special nozzles for powder 3/8Dia.: Dia.: 1 remote control box with handle Dia.: 1 steel wire rope with flexible sheath - no. 4 pipe fitting for copper pipe Dia.: 10x1 Dia.: no. 1 bracket.
Kg 12
Dia.: mm 190
Height mm. 640
Saturated m3 20
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