Sistema Electro Scan Raritan depurador de aguas negras 12V

Sobre Pedido Sistema Electro Scan Raritan depurador de aguas negras 12V
Sistema Electro Scan Raritan depurador de aguas negras 12V Para Barcos y Veleros en Tienda Náutica Online Oceanics.

Sistema Electro Scan depurador de aguas negras 12V, Venta de Accesorios Nauticos Online en España y Portugal, Productos Náuticos Europeos de la mejor Calidad a Los Mejores Precios. Nuestro Catalogo de Materiales Náuticos esta compuesto por la mayor Gama de Productos y Accesorios Náuticos para Barcos de Recreo. Toilet waste depurator, US Coast Guard approved, type I MSD 8Marine Sanitation Device), for outboard discharge on boats up to 65’. Can change any manual or electric marine toilet in an ecological system. Can avoid waste tanks and chemical toilets. Wastes coming from toilet are thinly grinded and, at the same time, disinfected and deodorized by chlorine coming from sea water through an electrolytic process. The discharge is liquid, without floating waste and bacteriologically pure without any harmful chemical additive. Simple and easy installation thanks to his extremely small sizes, can be installed at a distance from 90 up to 150 cm. from toilet. Can be used with two manual and electric toilets. Completely automatic, his working period is about 2 minutes. The electrode current is checked for max. low consumption. Inlet 1’1/2 , outlet for hose Ø mm. 40. Connecting the control panel to a relay, the electric toilet is directly switched on. Dims. mm. 406 x 248 x h 343. Peso kg. 9. Voltage 12V, current draw 50 Amp.

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