Proximamente Disponible STOPPER ANTAL V-GRIP SIMPLE 10/14
STOPPER ANTAL V-GRIP SIMPLE 10/14 Para Barcos y Veleros en Tienda Náutica Online Oceanics.

Compra Online A MITAD DE PRECIO!! STOPPER ANTAL V-GRIP SINGOLO 10/14  Antal V-Grip stopper with raised holding power. Doesn't cause line cover damage. Perfect for composite lines as Kevlar, Vectran and Spectra. Excellent on Polyester. Steel internal construction. No-line slippage. Allows the line to be released under maximum load without the use of a winch. The line can also be tailed through the stopper without opening the cam mechanism. Only 6.5 cm body height.

stopper antal v-grip simple 1014 al mejor precio en tienda nautica online oceanics, envios economicos a toda espana
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